It is highly possible that like me, you are standing in your kitchen looking at your half eaten turkey. Sandwiches are still a good option but I always like to make a turkey and leek pie at this time. It’s the combination of the white and brown meat, tender leeks and a delicious creamy sauce married to a golden, puff pastry crust topping. The addition of smoked, streaky bacon is good or add left over stuffing. A green salad is all you need to go with it but if you want to make it go further, do jacket potatoes and petit pois!

First of all, you need to make the turkey stock that forms the basis of the cream sauce. The quality of the stock really affects the end result so take a little time to get this right. It will be worth it.

Remove all the meat from the turkey carcase and store it, covered in the fridge. Place the carcase in your largest casserole (you may have to break it up). Add a chopped carrot, onion and celery if you have it. Season with salt, a few black pepper corns and a couple of bay leaves. Add just enough cold water to cover. Bring to the boil and then transfer to a low temperature oven (120 / 130 C) for two hours. Discard the carcase and vegetables and strain the liquid through a sieve. You should then have at least a litre of fragrant stock.

Ingredients – serves 6 to 8. 
800 g cooked turkey meat, cut into big chunks
4 leeks – washed and trimmed. Chop the white ends into chunks and finely slice the green ends.
2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon – chopped
A handful of fresh thyme and sage
Olive oil
Large knob of butter
2 heaped tbsp plain flour
200 ml single or double cream

1 x 500 g packet puff pastry
1 free range egg, beaten

Method –
Preheat the oven to 190 C. – Aga users will use the baking oven.

Then put the bacon and herbs in a large casserole and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and the butter. Fry off for a few minutes. Add the leeks and fry them off for 3 minutes. Season, put a lid on and let them cook on a very low heat for 15 minutes.  Stir every 5 minutes so the leeks don’t catch.
Add the turkey meat plus any left over stuffing. Add the flour, mix in well then stir in the stock. Heat gently for 10 minutes. Once combined, the sauce will thicken. Add the cream and check the seasoning. Bring the mixture to the boil then spoon into an oven proof dish – 22 x 30 cm.
Dust a clean work surface with flour and roll out the puff pastry to fit the dish. Tuck the ends in and score the surface with a knife. Add a pinch of salt to the beaten egg and brush over the top of the pastry.  Place in the oven for 30 minutes until the top is golden brown and the filling is hot.
This really is a most delicious and easy way to use Christmas left overs. 

Have a relaxing holiday weekend.

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